Our Products

Bioactive products

These products have been proven by US universities and farms around the world to be safe and effective. E.g. Reduce crude protein in feed while will not negatively impact normal growth.

Enzyme Products

These products are made from the best bioengineering technology in the industry, and US university tested to be as effective as or better than the leading brands in the US market.

AGP Product

AGP (Antibiotic Growth Promoters). We combine our technical know-how and the general science knowledge to develop this new and reliable and effective product for the industry and consumers' need.

Vitech Bio-Chem is leading industry with bioactive peptide technology innovation.

Our Work Process

Provide our customers with unique solutions to many difficult problems and generate positive economic benefit. Provide effective and safe solutions to meet the new consumers and social demands on meatprotein.

To seek new technology to develop new, safe and effective products to help our customers to meet challenges of old and new.

To provide products to help our customers obtain more economic benefit, to reduce pollution discharge by animal farms, to better serve our society.

Why Us?

Unique Research and Development

Bioactive Peptide for Animal Farming

University and Market Tested Solutions

Our Research

We are developing and testing more APG's free animal feed supplement products. We have more protease and complex enzymes trials are taking place in US universities.

Vitech Bio-Chem is looking for energetic, self-starter animal science graduates.

About Us

Vitech Bio Group consists of Vitech Bio-Chem and Vitech Ultra Bioscience Corporation. We specialize in research and development of new and advanced animal feed supplement technology and products. Our discovery of bioactive peptide technology has led us into some unique applications in intensive animal farming area.

With the new consumers demand on meat protein standards, animal protein production industry is facing some new and difficult challenges with their traditional operation technics and practices, such as coccidiosis in free range broiler and layer raring, antibiotic-free meat in animal feed, diarrhea in early weaned piglets, wet chicken droppings, worry about the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) virus, nitrogen waste discharge, etc.

Our research and development of peptide and enzyme products can provide some of the solutions. These solutions are university and market tested. They are safe, effective and reliable. They are also economically beneficial to our customers.

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