Peptiva® Swine  

Peptiva® Swine is made of fish peptides, porcine digest and microbial peptides. It contains feed stimulating peptides, CPP-like peptides, small intestine activity peptides, exorphine peptides, and anti-microbial peptides.


  • Peptiva Swine is of the best feed supplements you can find for pig starter to finisher

  • Like Peptiva SEW, this product increases feed efficiency by stimulating more digestive enzyme synthesis and secretion, promotes better absorption of free amino acids and essential amino acids, and reduces inclusion rate of Lysine and Methionine

  • Environmentally friendly because it increases absorption of calcium and other mineral and trace elements

  • Improves feed intake, maintains better GI health, and provides calming effect to reduce stress in animals

  • Can improve grower and finisher lean meat content and posture

  • Can enhance disease resistance and reduce diarrhea


Swine Grower and Finisher - 0.2% to 1%



0.5% Peptiva-Swine Effect on 30 Lb Starter Weight Gain

0.3% Peptiva-Swine Effect on 50 Lb Starter Weight Gain


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