Peptiva® SPS  

Made of porcine intestine peptides and microbial peptides. SPS contains small intestine activity peptides, anti-microbial peptides, and immune system stimulating polysaccharides.


  • Speeds up maturation of young animal's GI system so that they can be fed compounded feed earlier and have carry-over effects for growth performances

  • Has immune system stimulating polysaccharides to help strengthen young animals and maintain their normal health

  • Can be used in conjunction with plasma protein to have a synergistic effect in young animal growth

  • This combination formula is the most ideal for the early weaned piglet diet

  • Has proven that it can be used alone and its performance matches spray-dried plasma protein

  • The cost savings are substantial for piglet diets


Creep Feed – 2% to 6%; Pre-Starter and Starter Feed – 3% to 5%




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