Peptiva® SEW  

By blending the appropriate amount of porcine mucosa peptides, fish peptides, and microbial peptides, Peptiva® SEW (Swine Early Weaned) is one of the most potent and reliable feed supplements for the early weaned swine diet. It contains feed stimulating peptides, CPP-like peptides, small intestine activity peptides, exorphine peptides, immune modulating peptides and anti-microbial peptides.



Peptiva SEW is one of the best feed supplements you can find for swine pre-starter and starter piglet diets. This product will help piglets develop a better digestive system foundation and stimulate the whole GI system to mature early. It will help piglets convert to and tolerate compound feed better, and avoid stress and nutritional diarrhea. It can increase feed efficiency by stimulating more digestive enzyme synthesis and secretion, promote better absorption of free amino acids and essential amino acids, and reduce the inclusion rate of Lysine and Methionine.

A study at Virginia Tech showed that Peptiva® piglet grew just as well as 6.5% Plasma protein piglet. They achieved that despite Lysine was 8% to 18% lower and Methionine + Cystine were 15% to 22% lower, crude protein were 0.77% to 1.55% less than plasma protein group. Peptiva® SEW is the most gain/cost effective product in the market.



Creep Feed – 0.2% to 2%; Pre-Starter and Starter Feed: 0.3% to 1.5%.



Phases I to III

Phase I 6% SDPP 3%SDPP+3% Peptiva® SEW 6% Peptiva® SEW 6% Peptiva® SEW + AA
Crude Protein% 22.00 21.23 20.45 22.00
Lysine % 1.50 1.38 1.23 1.50
Met + Cys % 0.86 0.73 0.67 0.86
Phase II & III All Fed Same Diets    
ADG, g (d1-35) 418 392 398 405
Feed : Gain 1.73 1.71 1.74 1.69
Fecal Firmness 2.43 2.28 2.43 2.57
Feed Cost $1.86 $1.26 $1.10 $1.01
Cost/Kg Gain $0.432 $0.384 $0.377 $0.369


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