Peptiva® Poultry Starter  

Peptiva® Poultry Starter is formulated with fish peptides, small intestine peptides, and microbial peptides. It contains feed stimulating peptides, small intestine activity peptides, CPP-like peptides, exorphine peptides, and anti-microbial peptides.


  • Formulated to fulfill the need of days-old chicks

  • According to Dr. Ken Webb’s work at Virginia Tech, a one-day old chick has more peptide transporter RNA than FAA transporter RNA present in their small intestine. It could mean that peptides are more important than FAA’s in a chick’s diet.

  • Stimulates chicks’ GI system maturity function, and promotes better absorption of free amino acids and other nutrients

  • By stimulating feed intake and a special Bioactive Peptide function, it gives chicks a better disease-fighting capability. A study shows Peptiva® chicks will continue to eat even with bacterial endotoxin attacked.

  • Helps maintain better GI health to reduce diarrhea, and provides a calming effect to reduce stress in animals

  • Another study showed that chicks could withstand more environmental stress, such as higher ammonia concentration


Chick Starter - 0.2% to 0.8%



Comparison of Peptiva and Antibiotic on Chicks Growth

Effect of Peptiva on Feed Intake in 6h After
E. Coli Endotoxin Challenge


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