Peptiva® Aquaculture  

This product represents the most exciting breakthrough in Aquaculture nutrition. We have successfully combined fish peptides, small intestine peptides, and microbial peptides to formulate a very potent product that helps in shrimp, eel, fresh water turtle and other high value aquaculture farms. It contains feed stimulating peptides, small intestine activity peptides, immune modulating peptides and anti-microbial peptides.


  • Most potent and tested feed attractant for all aquaculture species in the market today

  • Works for both fresh water and salt water species

  • Markedly improves feed intake and provides better growth for farmers

  • Can reduce or eliminate slow growth in an animal allowing farmers to harvest more uniformly growing animals and not have to waste time to sort out different weight lots

  • For hatchery farms, it helps reduce spinal malformation in young fish

  • This exciting product can also reduce the crude protein content in feed and lead to less nitrogen waste in pond. This, in turn, helps to reduce diseases in farms and saves money in protein ingredient.


As Feed Attractant – 0.3% to 0.5%; Hatchery Feed – 1% to 2%; Growth Promoter – 0.5% to 1.5%



Effects of Peptiva® Aquacultures in Shrimp

  Control 0.5% Peptiva® 1.0% Peptiva®
Survival Rate, % 73 80.67 87
Ave. Wt Gain, Gm 0.1268 0.1406 .1449
Feed/Gain Ratio 3.9606 3.4526 3.2778

Effects of 34 Days Trial of Peptiva on Fresh Water Turtle Growth


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